A new way to work! Re-imagining the workplace with Lena Marie Glaser, New Work & Millennials Expert.

Lena Marie Glaser (c)MarlenaKönig

Lena Marie Glaser understands the transformation of work culture as a window of opportunity to ask ourselves: how do we actually want to work?

UN Global Compact Network, Germany 2018 (translated from German)

Lena Marie Glaser is dedicated to a new way of working. She explores new perspectives about work and helps to design a better work culture. Excited to connect and support people who want to change the way we work – with empathy and joy. An innovative programme for forward-thinkers, advising decision-makers in companies and policy-making, and mentoring young professionals. EU Success Story about Lena / Basically Innovative (in English) Publications & Interviews (in German)

News Lena is part of the 2021 EU campaign #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus. The Vienna Business Agency nominated her as the face of one of the recovery success stories.

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UN Global Compact Network Germany Expert paper “Millennials and the Future of Work”, 2018 (in German) Link

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) Live TV Interview “Millennials and a new way of working”, 2019 (in German) Link

DiePresse Interview “We don’t want to return to the normal way of working”, 2020 (in German) Link

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