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Endlos Fesch - MaMaMu The Shirtmakers
Endlos Fesch – MaMaMu The Shirtmakers

Als Gründerin von BASICALLY INNOVATIVE lade ich, Lena Marie Glaser, inspirierende Frauen ein, ihre Projekte vorzustellen – Endlos Fesch.

Have you heard about Vienna’s first fashion library – Endlos Fesch? In their Pop-ups they offer an endless wardrobe full of sustainably sourced fashionable items. I met the founders Karin Kuranda and Jessica Neumann at the Impact Hub in Vienna and I was truly fascinated by their passion for Endlos Fesch. Both, Karin and Jessica, have full time day jobs in Vienna and still follow their dreams with the fashion library.

Hi Karin, hi Jessi! What is your project Endlos Fesch about?

Endlos Fesch is the first fashion library in Vienna renting out unique and high quality clothing. Our members take advantage of an endless wardrobe full of sustainably sourced fashionable items, thereby pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

We are an innovative social business that extends the product lifecycle of clothes, reduces the amount of textile waste and CO2 emissions, raises awareness of slow fashion and encourages members to change unsustainable consumption patterns.

Endlos Fesch Fashion Library Anleitung

And can you change tomorrow’s society with Endlos Fesch?

We believe that our concept can really make an impact, since we will be able to influence today’s and tomorrow’s customers, mainly by changing the current mindsets and informing our members about how much we actually consume and how the clothing industry works –  this will promote sustainable consumption patterns and our community can take part in the sharing economy.

Rather than buying fast fashion items that are only used once or twice, our customers can rent fashionable, precious and local designer clothing for a low monthly fee from the first Vienna fashion library. This way, we make high-quality products available to a large number of clients and raise awareness for the slow fashion movement. As a consequence, customers will buy less low quality, low priced items and less clothing will be discarded to landfills.

Endlos Fesch - Marlene Fröhlich Lux&Lumen
Endlos Fesch – Marlene Fröhlich Lux&Lumen

Endlos Fesch and our members promote green and sustainable consumption and resourcefulness. The sharing model will benefit local designers and clothes-producing industries, as their products are being promoted and more people can have easy access, especially people living on a low income.

How did you come up with the idea of a fashion library?

We have been active in the Zero Waste Austria community and were shocked about the high number of clothes that are not being worn and just thrown away (about 80.000 tones per year in Austria alone). With one of the poorest recycling rates, clothes can contain hazardous toxic chemicals, which release greenhouse gases when decomposing at landfills. The chemicals and dyes used leach into the soil, contaminate the land, air and the groundwater. We wanted to find innovative solutions to this problem.

At first we started organizing clothes swaps and ran a second hand fashion photo project to promote awareness about the slow fashion movement (Fesch in Second Hand). As a solution to scale up the idea of sharing clothes and extending the life cycle of existing resources, the idea for Endlos Fesch was born, based on the concept of already existing fashion libraries in Germany and in Scandinavian countries.

We believe in applying existing sustainable and green solutions and building a social enterprise that focuses on using zero waste technologies as well as working with companies that integrate socially disadvantaged people.

Thanks Karin and Jessi for the interview, anything else you would like to share with us?

Endlos Fesch has been established to create a community of like-minded people who enjoy wearing slow fashion clothes and share an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Come and join our community at the next Pop Up events or sign up to our newsletter. By the way, we are always looking for collaborations with local designers to join our collection. Just contact us at for more information or the newsletter. Endlos Fesch on Facebook.

Endlos Fesch The Vienna Fashion Librarx

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